Brian May

Queen in 3-D (Italian Version)


Release date: 2017-10-06
Label: Edel Italy
Format: Libro fotografico illustrato con stereoscopio

Numerous books have been written about QUEEN, but this is an absolute novelty: an inward vision, from within, of a founding member of the band, the first story of any rock group ever made in 3-D. Not only did Brian May write the book personally (there is no ghost writer), but the illustrations were all taken with stereoscopic cameras, mostly from Brian himself. Since its inception, May was usually wearing a stereocamera (3-D); so during the Queen's tours or during recordings he could capture the rare moments behind the scenes of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Now, after decades, these images are shared for the first time!

Originally thought of as a quick job, this project was later transformed for May and its team into a real passion that has overwhelmed them for more than three years. Whenever the book seemed to come to an end, there were emerging new 3-D images, forgetting whoever they were, which aroused a new wave of memories enriching the narrative. The work at the end has become a true story of the Queen from birth to present. The book includes about 360 photographic illustrations, most of which are visible in their stereoscopic splendor and come with a rigid cover identical to the English version - in a 3-D subtle photo cover on the cover and an exclusive OWL 3-D stereoscope included patented by Brian May himself.

In addition to the original language version, released last June, Edel Italy and Brian May have decided to offer the Italian fans an exclusive version in Italian.