Deep Purple

NOW What?! Gold Edition


Genre: Rock
Release date: 2013-12-03
Label: earMUSIC
Format: DOPPIO CD, 2 LP

With sales in excess of a quarter of a million copies, four #1 chart entries (including Germany), seven Top 5 entries, ten Top 10 entries worldwide, and a glorious tour just about to start again after a short break (following many sold-out shows and an over-whelming response from the fans to the new material) 2013 has been one of the best and most pleasant years in Deep Purple’s history.
NOW What?! is considered by fans and critics as one of the best Deep Purple albums in their entire career.
The songs are powerful, joyful and deep. The band is now ageless: in a world too often superficial, Deep Purple are not hiding the years on their back and by showing themselves as they really are they have found a new youth.
To celebrate the great success of the album a special edition is about to be released. Packaged in a luxurious version in Gold (an accidental reference to the unforgettable gold cover „Made in Japan“?) the album will feature a full extra disc live, recorded during the first leg of the NOW What tour. The deluxe packaging will be available for a limited amount of time and it will be on sale for a price that would allow the dedicated fans that already bought NOW What?! to purchase the new material (over 70 minutes recorded live in Milan, Rome, Gaevle, Majano, Aalborg) for less than the price of a normal studio CD.
The live material is shiny and inspired. It shows a band always trying new solutions for the classic songs, daring and pushing each other. The new songs in the repertoire combine perfectly with the old timeless hits.
The CD1 is the studio album NOW What?! with the inclusion of the Jerry Lee Lewis cover „It’ll Be Me“ and the rare B-side „First Sign Of Madness“ previously only available on digital and on the CD single „Vincent Price“.
A double vinyl edition of „The NOW What?! Live Tapes“ will be made available in 3000 numbered copies, in order to let vinyl collectors complete their collection of the NOW What?! full experience on vinyl.