Deep Purple



Genre: Hard Rock
Release date: 2017-04-07
Label: earMUSIC
Format: Disponibile in CD, CD+DVD, 2LP+DVD, BOX SET e BIG BOX SET

After the worldwide success of "Now What ?!" (2013) Deep Purple and producer Bob Ezrin back together to give life to "INFINITE", the new album from explosive songwriting, the album sounds more "70s" since "Perfect Strangers".

Ezrin and the Purple managed to capture the classic sound of the band without falling into the temptation of nostalgia. Each member of the group does not care to limit his art, shortening the solos and moments of improvisation, just like early-stage, in an ideal cycle that comes to completion with this disc, probably the last.

Should this really be the farewell album of Deep Purple, there could be no better ending: melodic, raw, near the roots of the blues, heavy and delicate at the same time.

The process of production and songwriting were captured on film / documentary entitled "From Here To Infinite", which will be available as a bonus DVD including the various versions in which the album will be released. This will be an opportunity for all fans to virtually enter the recording studio to establish direct contact with the personality and talent of the band members.

Box versions of the disc sets are the real treat for fans, two absolute "must have" in limited release, to which you can not give up, considering the wealth of content:

Big Box Set

- CD + DVD
- 2LP
- 3x 10 "vinyl (The NOW What ?! Tapes Live Vol. 2)
- T-shirt (size L)
- Poster
- 5x Photo Prints
- Sticker

Set Box
- CD + DVD Digipack
- T-shirt (size L)