Sum 41

13 Voices

Artist: SUM 41
Title: 13 VOICES

Genre: Punk Rock
Release date: 2016-10-07
Label: Rude Records
Format: Disponibile in CD, CD deluxe ed LP

"13 Voices", is the new album of Sum 41, which comes to five years away from "Screaming bloody murder" came out in 2011. "13 Voices" the singer of the Canadian band Deryck Whibley says: "I'm really excited to publish an album after all I have recently passed. I had to fall to rise. and nothing makes you feel better than having something that you like and fight for that. I can honestly say that "13 voices" saved my life and I do not see to share it with you all. " The disc back in the band after nine years the guitarist Ralph Baksh.