Music From Porcelain

Artist: MOBY

Genre: Elettro Pop
Release date: 2016-05-13
Label: Little Idiot
Format: Disponibile in 2 CD

Like any great artist worthy of respect, at some point in their careers, it's time to get naked. Some people choose a "Greatest Hits", who autobiography: Moby plays on both fronts. To tell their fans, the New York artist has decided to publish this double CD titled "Music From Porcelain", whose release scheduled for May 13 will be followed by an autobiography published in Italy by Mondadori and available in bookshops from 17 May. The peculiarity of the double harvest is what you'll find inside: If the CD1 is reserved for big hits (original versions) of New York, such as "Feeling So Real" and "Bodyrock", CD2 is a compilation of songs that It had a strong impact on the taste and music by Moby on inspiration. Among these we find traces dating back to the golden age of hip hop American as "Raw" by Big Daddy Kane, "scenario" of A Tribe Called Quest, and "Pause" by Run DMC.