Peter Gabriel


Title: PLAY

Genre: Pop Rock
Release date: 2015-05-18
Label: Eagle Rock Entertainment
Format: Disponibile in DVD

Peter Gabriel is rightly famous for his innovative, entertaining and groundbreaking music videos. Over the years he has been at the forefront of using new technology and techniques to create stunning visual accompaniments to his music. Originally released in 2004, “Play” is a compilation of these classic promotional videos. For the majority of the songs the videos included are the originals but “Games Without Frontiers” has been reworked and there are new videos for “In Your Eyes”, “Solsbury Hill” and “Washing Of The Water” for which no original videos were created. The DVD also features specially created 5.1 mixes by Daniel Lanois which are unique to this collection. This release brings together Peter Gabriel’s greatest hits in all their audio and visual glory.