Eugenio Bennato


Eugenio Bennato was born in Naples on March 16, 1947. In 1969 he founded the New Company of Canto Popolare, which in the seventies became the most important research group dedicated to popular music in Southern Italy, also thanks to the conquest of the young audience and all 'influence on the artists of the Neapolitan School. With it Bennato recorded six albums and - after its debut at the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto in 1972 - began a series of tours in Italy and abroad, all very successful.
The year 1976 is the year of the founding of Musicanova - another group that aims to keep alive the folk music - which is accompanied by the personal activity as a composer. He writes in fact several successful albums, including BRIGANTE SE MORE in 1979, work on the theme of brigandage still today extremely well-known, realized in collaboration with Carlo D'Angiò. In addition to this, there is space for composing soundtracks for cinema, theater and ballet. We remember, for example, "Tomorrow is dancing" (1983, film with Maurizio Nichetti), "Don Quixote (1984, theatrical and Maurizio Scaparro's film)," To the south of Mozart "(1988, for the company of Alterballetto) Cavalli is born "(1989, Sergio Staino's film) and" The room of the scirocco "(1999, Maurizio Sciarpa's film which is the best soundtrack of the year in Bennato's Silver Ribbon).
In 1998, Bennato founded Taranta Power, a company that - with a great festival in Lecce - later brings the musician on tour around the world. The basic idea is to suggest new ways to promote Taranta through further forms of artistic creativity. In the following year, this project also became a record work. In 1999, TARANTA POWER was released, while in the years 2000 and 2001 the athological collections were published LITERATIONS OF TARANTELLA (2000) and TARANTELLA DEL GARGANO (2001). In 2001, Bennato participated in the Womad festival of Peter Gabriel, receiving the offer for the publication of the song "Taranta power" in the WOMAD 2001 collection. At the invitation of Gabriel himself, Bennato also takes part in the stages of Reading and Singapore. In the same year he founded in Bologna School of Tarantella and popular dances of the Mediterranean, the first dedicated to winning, the study and popularization of folk dances of southern Italy.
In June 2002 he released MEDITERRANO SIA, a work that aims to combine Italian ethnic music with more Mediterranean sounds. Alongside an international tour of two years - from 2002 to 2004 - Bennato continues singingly as a composer: after the production of the works of "Pilato Sempre" by Giorgio Albertazzi and the film "Rosafuria" realizes - in collaboration with his brother Edoardo - the cartoon soundtrack "Totò Sapore" released in theaters in Christmas 2003. After the engagement with the fiction music for Rai Uno "Father of Brides" (2006), l 'next year, leaving the last job: it is TRIPOLI, which again stands in the tradition of folk and ethnic music.

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