Brian May


Born in Hamptons in July 1947, May begins to express his interest in music very early, learning to play ukulele and piano before receiving his first guitar - a tool that accompanies him throughout his career - on occasion of her seventh birthday.
In 1964 he founded the Smile in which he plays with Roger Taylor and in the same years he knows Freddy Mercury. The Queen was born, to which in 1971 the bassist John Deacon was added. The four are able to get a contract with the EMI with which they make the first album of the same name and QUEEN II of 1974.
After a break in the group in 1983, May publishes its EP entitled STAR FLEET PROJECT, which anticipates the other two works, BACK TO THE LIGHT (1992) and ANOTHER WORLD (1998).
With the Queen May he continued his guitar career until the late 1980s, early 1990s, when the last records were recorded: THE MIRACLE (1989) and INNUENDO (1991).
After Mercury's death, group members take different paths and May focuses on their solo career, collaborating with other artists like Holly Johnson, Foo Fighters and Gun N 'Roses. He also formed the Brian May Band, born in August 1992, with which BACK TO THE LIGHT is released. In December 1993, the guitarist returns to studio with Roger Taylor and John Deacon for MADE IN HEAVEN, the latest Queen's album, which contains the final Mercury recordings.
Meanwhile, the Brian May Band continues its activities, albeit with various training changes. In 2005, Jamie Moses and Spike Edney - already in the group - joined May and Roger Taylor for the Queen + Paul Rodgers project, with which he plans to take on the British team's success.
2008 marks the return of May, Taylor and Rodgers with a new European tour and a new album, THE COSMOS ROCKS.