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Dee Snider, born David Daniel Snider (Massapequa, March 15, 1955), is an American heavy metal singer of Twisted Sister member and famous for his vocal talent and his innate stage presence that made him one of the most known figures of the genre.
Dee Snider grew up in Baldwin and graduated from Baldwin High School in 1973. As a boy he had a Catholic education and attended the choral singing in church. After seeing various Glam rock artists of his youth (T-Rex, David Bowie and Alice Cooper) began dressing extravagantly, different from its peers and grew in him a strong desire to become a Rockstar.
In 1975, Snider changed several rock bands and then join in early 1976 to Twisted Sister, band that soon would become the only composer of the lyrics. Despite the band remains in the shadows in the 70s, in the following decade was able to earn a lot of popularity and admiration. With the group, Snider impact of undoubted value album, as Under the Blade (1981) and Stay Hungry (1984), where the singer shows off her huge vocal talent.

In the '80s on MTV before Headbangers Ball, the first true heavy metal program that broadcast all metal video was called Heavy Metal Mania. The first appearance was broadcast in June of 1985. Metal Mania was run by Dee Snider and transmitted every possible news from the world of Metal, including interviews, studio guests and so on.

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