Frank Zappa & The Mothers


The Mothers of Invention were a musical group formed in 1964 on the ashes of the Soul Giants, a band that was performing in pubs and dance clubs in California. The guitarist and composer Frank Zappa, taken as a substitute for one of the original members, he soon assumed the leadership.
The Mothers of Invention were distinguished by age groups for the diverse musical influences (from free jazz to classical music) and for desecrating the charge is obtained with the texts with theatrical gimmicks borrowed from Dadaism in live performance. Frank Zappa finally left the group in 1969.
Frank Zappa continued to use the name of Mothers or Mothers of Invention until 1975, then began to call the formations that accompanied him as "Zappa Band".
Since 1980, some former members of the group have recorded songs and performed in public as "The Grandmothers" or "The Grande Mothers Re: Invented".