Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Hilversum, April 3, 1960) is a Dutch multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, founder of numerous musical projects like Ayreon, Star One, Stream of Passion and precisely Guilt Machine

In his compositions he plays a good variety of instruments, mainly from the classic acoustic guitars and especially the electric one. It also plays the flute and ilsintetizzatore, often sings. The musical genre that distinguishes it is not unified. It inspired by the progressive metal, but the influences that converge in the style of Lucassen are many.

Thanks to his talent, he is a professional musician, also very skilled in the technical aspects. It has a strong tendency to combine and manage various artists, even of different style or matrix, it made evident by the success of the project Ayreon. Just such a "modus operandi", strong point when you consider the work itself becomes an obstacle in the arrangement and organization of live performances.

Latest Release

Artist: AYREON

Genre: Hard Rock
Release date: 2018-10-26
Label: Mascot Records
Format: Disponibile in 4CD+DVD e 3LP